Pets in Apartments

Pets in Apartments

If you are moving to an apartment and intend to Bering a pet animal with you there are a some roles and restrictions you should know about. An apartment that allows pets is considered a Pet Friendly apartment but not all apartments are pet friendly. Luckily in the DFW area and in general in Texas most apartments are pet friendly. However you should know all the pet policies of the apartment you are interested in or you can ask your apartment locator to help you find an apartment that will allow pets and will allow your pet.

These roles and restrictions pertain to:

  • No pets
  • Type of pets you can have in an apartment
  • Number of pets you can have in an apartment
  • Breed of doges you can bring to an apartment
  • Aquarium sizes and Location

Type of Pets You Can Have in an Apartment


Fish – Fish are simple, and you typically don’t have to pay a pet deposit, unless maybe you want to start a really big fish tank and the complex is worried about a leak. You just want to ask the apartment manager first. Many apartments restrict the size of the aquarium allowed by the number of gallons, and will in most cases require you to live on the lower floor.


Reptiles and Amphibians – You can opt for a number of different reptiles and amphibians from small to large. Either way, most apartments will allow reptiles. you should stay a way from exotic animals as they are protected by low. Check with your apartment manager


Birds – You want to make sure that you get a smaller bird that doesn’t make a lot of noise, meaning a huge parrot or macaw probably isn’t the best bird to have in an apartment. The walls in apartments are thin, and you don’t want complaints from a loud squawking bird.


Small, Exotic Animals – Can be a little bit more to take care of when compared to fish or reptiles, but small animals can be a great apartment pet.


Cats – Cats are a great apartment pet. They don’t require a lot of extra care in terms of training.


Dogs – Dogs are a great apartment pet. More to be said about sizes and breeds of dogs that will do well in an apartment


NO farm animal allowed in rental apartments

Breed and Size Restrictions for Dogs

Each apartment community will have a pet policy but a common denominator is: NO dogs over 25%, no restricted breeds ( pit bulls, german shepherd rottweilers, bulldogs)

Ask your Apartments Rent Rebate Apartment locator to send you a list of apartments that match your specific situation and the type of pet you have.