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About Addison Tx

A city that is full of charm and history, much of which appears down every lane, drive, road and avenue – that’s Addison, Texas. A small, but remarkably maintained community with 3 distinct neighborhoods, Addison will keep you in its friendly ambiance and captivate you with its lushly designed gardens, parks and recreational areas. Below are some qualities each area is known for:

North Addison: If you are an admirer of aircraft and collectibles from WWI or WWII, or an avid golfer, this could be just the community you’d love to rent an apartment. The Cavanaugh Flight Museum and Bent Tree Country Club are both located in North Addison and lovely streets with small to medium-sized properties. The majority of what you’ll see here in North Addison arehigh-rise apartment buildings and condominiums.

Town Center: A minute or two from Beltline Rd. and is loaded with acres of trails and landscaped gardens. A lot of properties are close to Addison Circle Park, Bosque Park, Beckert Park, Parkview Park or Spruill Park. Imagine that! Five lovely parks within walking distance in the town center! Some of the most popular attractions in this neighborhood are Astoria Caffe and Wine Bar on Morris Avenue—these are perfect places to meet up with friends and neighbors if you want to loosen up from your workday.

South Addison: This area is closest to the Dallas Galleria and remarkable shopping choices. From Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue to the captivating eclectic boutiques, this area is where fashionistas fantasy become reality! The residential properties are usually small to medium sized and are mostly apartment complexes and condominiums. There are houses for rent as well, but not as many as the apartments and condos.

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Always Something Fun to do in Addison, TX

With over 150 different special events scattered throughout the year, there is always something special happening in Addison, TX.  This small town of about 16,000 residents is situated close to Dallas, TX and has a full range of both indoor and outdoor amenities.  All in 4.4 square miles.

Special Activities

Vitruvian lights, for example is a free, month-long Holiday lights display.  The Water Tower Theater is a world-class entertainment space in the heart of Addison.  It’s been voted the best theater in the Dallas area.  Or there’s Kaboom Town in the summer – one of the three best fireworks shows in the US.  Not to mention Addison’s Oktoberfest – one of the mostly highly rated in the whole US.

Food and Restaurants

If you like to eat (and who doesn’t?) Addison is the place for you.  They have more restaurants per person than any city in the US.  And the choices – Thai, Italian, Mongolian BBQ, Seafood, Steakhouses, Tex-Mex – plenty of great choices to choose from.  The restaurants and bars of Addison can feed 20,000 people at any given time.

Green Spaces

For such a small city – green spaces are a priority.  Addison has some of the most beautiful parks in the state – more than 118 acres of park spaces, each uniquely themed and beautifully landscaped.  Includes the 10 acre Addison Circle Park and the 12 acre Vitruvian Park .  More than 75,000 tulip bulbs are planted in these parks every year to make for a gorgeous Spring display.


Businesses are booming in Addison, particularly in the technology sector.  It is the headquarters for many large and small businesses including Mary Kay, Concentra, Mattress Giant, Nerium International and Globe Runner.  They advertise big city opportunities with small town charm.

Apartments in Addison

Addison is home to 22 different apartment complexes.  Each complex has a wide variety of floor plans and amenities to suit any budget.  From efficiencies to 3-bedroom split-level with pools and gyms, you can find it all within our four and a half square miles.  You may begin your search at the apartment website at to provide a more tailored search for your new home!