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About Austin Texas

apartments for rent in austin texas

While traveling through your neighborhood, you are often met with the warmth of your neighbors’ friendly waves and reminded of the memories you have formed in the years spent there. You find yourself put at ease as you enter the downtown scenic beauty you have grown accustomed to and begin going through the same motions you have for numerous years.

It is seldom that we envision ourselves living this same experience, only in an entirely different portion of our amazing planet! The city of Austin, Texas is located on the eastern edge of Texas Hill Country and besides being the state’s capital, its sheer beauty has been known to allure many temporary visitors into calling it home! So, whether you are visiting or renting an apartment in the heart of Austin, we hope you will continue reading so you can fall in love with this city as much as we have!

City Demographics:

In Austin, Texas there are over 885,500 people who enjoy calling this city home! These individuals are in a prime traveling location within Austin as the local airport, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, is only 30 minutes away! If you are not traveling far from home, Austin also has at its disposal a variety of inter-city travel options such as Amtrak and Capital Metro. Through these travels options it is possible to visit the city’s vibrant music life, the University of Texas, and the Formula 1’s Circuit of the America’s raceway. If city life is not your cup of tea, head out to Austin’s many natural hiking trails, boating spots and more!


Weather Information:

In Austin, you can expect the average temperature to remain between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout most of the year. This weather equates to gorgeous pool weather but not just any pool! Residents of Austin, Texas highly encourage people to visit the Hamilton Pool, which is at the base of a collapsed underground river. This collapse has resulted in something amazing, a natural swimming pool with waterfalls! The residents of Austin can be seen frequently this locations and others due to Austin’s amazing weather!


Public Attractions:

Austin is home to a variety of cultures and unique traditions, among them is a rather interesting one: The Austin City Wide Garage Sale! This will be the largest garage sale you will ever attend and the amount of miscellaneous items you will encounter will leave your eyes wide with excitement. If this type of attraction does not interest you, maybe you can make a stop by Mayfield Park. What’s so interesting about this park you ask? While this park is home to several wondering peacocks! Their stunning feather designs will be sure to leave in you awe!

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