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This article is written for those individuals who are lingering on the edge of making a very important decision: whether to move to Dallas, Texas or not. While we are admittedly bias and think everyone should move to Texas (we clearly have the room!), we hope some of the following pieces of information will help convince you that Dallas is the right city for you! Enjoy!


Amazing People:

If you have ever had the desire to explore an old “western” city complete with the stereotypical “Ma’am” and “Sir” lingo as well as a Texas drawl, then you will not be disappointed when you meet the lovely people of Dallas. This city’s adoption of the “wild west” mentality is present everywhere but is most evident when you see your first “cowboy” wearing his or her boots and hats!


Dallas knows Cheerleading:

Whether you are a sports fan or not, you have undoubtedly heard of the Dallas Cowboys! This all-American team is obviously famous for their dedication to playing amazing football games but they are equally famous for being the first team to introduce sideline cheerleaders! The cheerleaders on this team are so famous, they even have their own reality TV show! If sports are something you enjoy, you will enjoy living in Dallas!


Dallas is for “Foodies”:

This may be a hard fact to swallow (or not!), but Dallas, Texas has more restaurants per capita than New York City! Now that is quite a bit of food to go around! You can find just about any cultural dish you desire if you are willing to explore the city long enough. Check out the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek for French-Continental food, it is a personal favorite for many Dallas residents.


Love Animals? Visit the State Fair:

The State Fair in Dallas is perhaps one of the best state fairs in the country due to many of the unique features it offers! In all likelihood, the first thing you will notice about the State Fair is the “Texas Star”, which is the largest Ferris wheel of its kind in the Western hemisphere. This state fair is also the only one in the country to include a full scale auto show. If you are worried about not being able to find this amazing event, don’t worry, you just need to look for Big Tex, a 55-foot-tall statue!


Shopping in Dallas:

If you like to shop, then Dallas is the city for you! The West End Marketplace houses several stores to serve your shopping sweet tooth! These stores are visited by thousands of people daily and yes, discounts are EVERYWHERE!


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