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In modern society we are consistently brought face-to-face with new technology including self-driving cars, amazing new phone applications, and flying marvels called drones. While this new technology is quite impressive in its own right, there is nothing that can rival the excitement of exploring outer space. If you find yourself fascinated by astrology and wishing you could explore the “final frontier” then moving to Houston, Texas may be the right move for you to make at this point in your life! Check out the rest of this article to find out why Houston is the right city for you!


City Demographics:

The city of Houston, Texas is another great American city that shows no end to the amount of people wanting to reside within its borders. Since the year 2000, the population in Houston has increased by 12.4% making it around 2,200,000 people today. This will not be the end to this city’s growth spurt, future residents of Houston should plan to live in an urban city filled with a wide variety of people to meet and mingle with!


Weather Information:

The city of Houston, Texas boasts an average temperature of 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit for the large majority of the year. This means that those individuals who wish to enjoy an outdoor living, can move here for a happy escape from their previous climates. While the majority of the year is filled with amazing temperatures like those mentioned above, Houston occasionally experiences cold fronts, especially in November through March. When those cold fronts hit, be ready to bundle up! Overall, most residents in Houston find that the weather is a welcomed change from their previous living environments.


Public Attractions:

The city of Houston has a seemingly endless set of attractions one can visit on their own or with family and friends. This wide selection makes it an excellent destination for those individuals who love to get out of the house and do something different with their lives. If you find yourself mesmerized by the vast galaxies beyond our own, consider visiting “Space Center: Houston”. This amazing space center has something for all members of the family to enjoy, including lunch with an astronaut, the opportunity to take tours of the galaxy, and even a chance to be in the pilot’s seat of a spacecraft.


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