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About San Antonio Texas

While traveling through the state of Texas, many individuals find themselves commenting on its serene beauty. They begin to notice the distant backdrops of large cityscapes seem to come to life with every sunrise and fall peacefully into a deep slumber at the sun’s set. These omnipresent images invoke a sense of peace in those who venture through this landscape, almost whispering for them to stop and stay awhile. This feeling is no different for those individuals who find themselves entering the great city of San Antonio with its opulent beauty. So, feel free to read through this article…we hope you choose to move to San Antonio and stay awhile!


City Demographics:

There is perhaps no better indicator of a great American city, then an increase in the amount of people who wish to live there! In the five years between 2010 and 2015 the population in San Antonio grew by 6.6 %. The city is expected to grow by the same amount in the next five years. If you are concerned about just how many new friends you will make consider this, there are 3,393 people per square mile. If you are a social person, this city will be an excellent choice for you and your closest friends or family.


Weather Information:

The city of San Antonio, Texas boasts an average temperature of 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit for the large majority of the year. This means that those individuals who wish to enjoy an outdoor living, can move here to San Antonio to enjoy that type of lifestyle. While the majority of the year is filled with amazing temperatures like those mentioned above, San Antonio does have cooler months (November—March), which might require you to bundle up! Overall, most residents in San Antonio find that the weather is a welcomed change from their previous living environments.


Public Attractions:

The city of San Antonio has a seemingly endless set of attractions one can visit on their own or with family and friends. This wide selection makes it an excellent destination for those individuals who love to get out of the house and do something different with their lives. The Majestic Theatre, just one of those destinations, boasts architecture that is awe-inspiring, much like the concerts and plays that take place within its walls. If you would rather find yourself outdoors, head over to the River Walk, an outdoor mall-like area resting alongside the San Antonio River. These two separate and unique aspects of San Antonio are the reason many people find themselves wishing to reside in San Antonio on a long-term basis.


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