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Find out how you can Find the Right Apartment & Get Cash Back - Rent Rebate.

Stop browsing 100`s of websites and 1000`s of listings and driving neighborhoods wasting gas, time and money. Tell me What type of rental, When you want to move, Where you want to live and How Much you want to pay.

9 years experience

I select properties that will work for you and send you the best options to fit your EXACT needs. You’ll get pictures, prices, amenities and floor-plans & I will tell you about all the move in specials, discounts, and free rent opportunities. Address and phone are provided!

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You visit the best apartments and choose the ONE YOU LOVE. You sign a lease and move-in on your desired date. Don't worry I am here to help you throughout the entire process. Pets, second chance, bad credit or short-term lease. No Problem, I got you covered.

Get Rent Rebate  

Now you get a check in the mail, up to $350 Rent Rebate. How you ask.....fair enough, I get paid to help apartments fill vacancy. I take the money I receive and split it with you. This is my way of thanking you for using my service and telling your friends and family about me. 

Why Choose Apartments Rent Rebate
  • Fast Response to your inquiries (within minutes not days)
  • Up to date prices and availability on the units you pick
  • Pictures, floor-plans, amenities, discounts and move in specials 
  • Addresses and contact information provided with every property
  • Assistance throughout the entire process of finding and renting
  • 100% Free Service + Rent Rebate up to $350 
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The Right Address. The Right Price. Rent Smart Today

What our Customers have to say:

Shane Melaugh

“Mr. Landman Assisted me to find an Apartment home.”

“Mr. Landman has been a great help, he has proven to be a part of a company that is true to its word "Customer satisfaction". He assisted me in finding an apartment home in an area that I am happy and pleased to live there"

E. Buitt

Shane Melaugh

“I was able to find an apartment in a timely manner ”

“Thanks to Alexander, I was able to find an apartment in a timely manner which was of the essence at the time. Alex emailed a list of apartments with accommodations and price list that I requested. I found an apartment the same day!!! I was so excited..

JoAnne M.