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It’s Texas, as well as for those who have been living under a rock, Texas is hot. It’s hotter than a two-peckered dog in a space packed with pant legs. It’s hotter compared to a fiddler on a tin roofing in the 9th circle of Hell. It’s so hot, I might do this all day. Rather of complaining, I’ll tell you the good information. Since Plano is such a youthful city, the apartment structures are newer as well as much better protected, which will certainly conserve you lots of money on your electrical expense … although, you will certainly still be paying hundreds to keep one’s cool in the canine days of summertime. Many individuals pack a cooler and also leave to Lake LaVon for a beat-the-heat hootenanny. It’s a fantastic area for angling and swimming in tidy, clear waters. The lake is surrounded by tracking trails, picnic locations, and area parks. It’s most definitely one of the most enjoyable as well as refreshing way to cool down in the heat of the summertime.

The Drive. You will need a car to live here. It’s a side city, and the general public transport device is not detailed good enough to conveniently get to function, play, and the supermarket. On the in addition side, city preparation has made transportation fast as well as very easy. The city is bordered by freeways and also split down the center by the Highway 75. There’s generally no web traffic, as well as all major roads are broad, with numerous streets and broadband restrictions. See? Your need for an auto isn’t really seeming as bad, is it?

The Great Divide. Plano is divided down the center by Highway 75. On one side of the freeway you will locate high end purchasing, nation clubs, and also a “deluxe Wal-Mart” (who knew?). Then, directly beyond, you should locate the trailer camp. Of program, there are lots of good Plano neighborhoods and buying on the eastern side, but it’s absolutely nothing as compared to the conspicuous consumption of west side shopaholics as well as bluebloods.

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Exploring Plano, Texas

In many cities throughout the United States, residents are accustomed to passing between large buildings and businesses during their daily travels. While these locations are often ignored by travelers in other cities, Plano, Texas makes that an extremely difficult feat to accomplish! This city is the most affluent city in the United States and home to the main office buildings for several top companies. These accolades make Plano a highly enticing area for business-minded individuals to call home!


In order to enjoy the wide variety of experiences that Plano has to offer, we highly encourage you to do your research! However, if you don’t have the time to do research on your own, review some of the exciting information below and not just dabble in business! We hope to see you in Plano soon with your new found knowledge of the area!


Local Awards


Plano TX Parks and Recreation 1


In Plano, awards and recognition are not in short supply! If you enjoy the outdoors and wish to spend your time basking in the Texas sun, Plano Parks and Recreation is 2015’s National Recreation and Parks Association’s (NRPA) Gold Medal winner for excellence. The awards continue as you enter the indoor environment as well! Plano has been named one of the Top 100 places to live for 2016 according to Additionally, Plano ranks 1st out of 100 cities and earned an A+ for overall renter satisfaction in a study by Apartment List.


Public Attractions


plano tx indoor trampauline


Going to Jump Street, an indoor trampoline park located off North Central Expressway (Hwy 75) near Royal Lane, might just be one of the most unique experiences present in Plano. If you or your family are looking for a location where you can literally jump off the walls, then this is the location for you! If you are looking for a little spooky fun, Plano also has you covered with its Ghosts and Vampire Tours at the Dark Hour Haunted House located off of 701 Taylor Drive. This Haunted House tour is sure to assist you in getting acquainted with the city of Plano while giving you a reason to scare your loved ones!


Getting Involved


Plano TX Community Engagement Program


If you find yourself seeking out opportunities to become more involved with the city and its government, Plano has several different programs you could partake in. One such program is called the Community Engagement Program and that program focuses on connecting residents with city council members. These connections can include 1:1 meetings with city council members, participation in committees, and more. With a high degree of citizen involvement, Plano’s local government has established a strong rapport and is thus very in tune with the public’s needs.


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