Terms And Conditions

We Make It Simple

To Get Rent Rebate You Should Know

  • Your name must be on the lease
  • Only one rebate per lease.
  • Only one person and one rebate per leas
  • You never lived In this complex before.
  • No Current or former employees of the property
  • Transfer or move to properties under the same management, don`t qualify for rebate
  • Being refereed by a resident or another locating service disqualify from rebate
  • The leased community must work with all locators
  • We must be paid by the community you leased at first before we can release your rebate
  • Apartments Rent Rebate And Agents Name MUST be on the guest card the lease application and all other paperwork

How Much Rent Rebate Do You Get

Rent Amount
$600 – $1000
Rent Amount
$1001 – $1500
Rent Amount
$1501 – $2500
Rent Amount
  • 6 month leases get 1/2 normal rebate.
  • under $600 flat rebate $50
  • No rebates for month-to-month contracts

How it works ?

We will receive the referral fee after your moved into your new apartment. Typically we are paid by the apartment community, between 3-8 weeks but delays do happen. Your Rent Rebate; Visa Gift Card or Check will be sent to you immediately after we receive the referral fee.

A quick reminder, in order to qualify and receive the cash back rebate

  • You must sign a new lease, move in to the rental property, and reside there for more than 30 days.
  • Your name must be on the lease agreement as an occupant.
  • Apartments Rent Rebate Inc has been paid by the leased community or management company.