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Luxury Apartments

Luxury Apartments

Ask us about all the luxury living you can find in Dallas and Fort worth. High end apartments, and townhomes, luxury houses and condos. Luxury Apartments

Furnished Apartments

Furnished Apartments

Need a fully furnished rental or a corporate lease? Any apartment you pick can be fully furnished according to your taste and needs. Furnished Apartments

Senior Citizen Apartments

Senior Citizen Apartments

Apartment for 55+ , Independent senior living, affordable Senior Citizen Apartments. Ask today how to find the best Senior Citizen Apartment for you. Senior Citizen Apartments

Pet Friendly Apartments

Pet Friendly Apartments

Pet Friendly apartments for Restricted Breeds. multiple pets apartments and large dogs, We love pets and will help you find the best Pet friendly apartment that is perfect for you and your Pet. Pet friendly apartments

University Apartments

University Apartments

University Apartments, off campus apartments, Student apartment discounts,  college apartments. You go to school and study and we find your next apartments University Apartments

Second Chance Apartment

Second Chance Apartment

Broken lease, Evictions, owe a property money? Felonies,  Misdemeanors, Foreclosures or Bankruptcy, Co-Signers, First Time Renters, You have a problem? we have a Second Chance Apartment

Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental

Short-Term Leases, Corporate Lease, 3 Months Lease, 6 Months Lease, Furnished Short Term apartments, Any lease that is not 12 months we can help you with your Short Term Rental

Rental Section 8

Rental Section 8

Do You Have a Section 8 Voucher? Need Income Based Apartments? What about Tax Credit Apartments. Need Apartments that Accept financial aid or Section 8

What we do

Apartments Finder help you find any kind of real estate property to sell to buy or to rent. Apartments, Condos, Lofts , Townhouses or single family houses. Thousands of  Listings all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, in all styles sizes and prices.

Short-term leases and Furnished apartments. Need to find townhouse apartments for a 6 months or less? Need a fully furnished rental or a corporate lease? Search our free apartment database or get the work done for you by one of our agents and apartments finder.

Move in Specials, Discounts and Free Rent. The most up to date apartments specials, move in specials and apartment discounts. $99 move in or 3 months free our Apartments finder will get you The Deal.

Pet Friendly apartments and Restricted Breeds. 100`s of apartments that take large dogs, multiple pets and restricted breed dogs. We love animals and will find the perfect apartment house or townhouses apartments for you and your pets.

Bad Credit or Legal Problems. whether you have bad credit or no credit, bankruptcy eviction or broken lease, we will work with you. Felonies or misdemeanors? Apartments Rent Rebate Can help. We Will Find You a Home!

You rent we pay. One of a kind cash back program. We pay you to use our free service. Our apartment rebate program will put money in your pocket when you rent a new apartment. 

What people are saying

arr testimonialI was working in CA over the summer and had two days off to move after returning to TX. This is also the first time I've ever rented an apartment on my own. I found Alexander online and he started emailing me options around Fort Worth within minutes. He knows the city extremely well! I have an 90lb dog and wanted to be in a very specific area of Fort Worth, so Alexander laid out my options. From CA, I was able to have a friend turn in my deposit and draw up a lease. I wasn't thrilled with the apartment I was showed and Alexander worked with the complex to transfer the lease to a nicer unit in the same complex. I LOVE my apartment and so does my dog! Alexander is timely, professional, accommodating and straight forward. I highly recommend using his service! Thank you again!

Geneviev L.
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Apartments Finder and Free Apartment Locators Service.

Apartments Rebate a new Term or a new Reality? Get Cash back when renting

IF someone had told me that you can rent an apartment in Texas and get cash back Apartments Rebate, I would ask if it is not too good to be true…. But,

In this new economical era consumers are smarter, if you can't easily make more money you need to save more. What would be a better way to save money then when somebody sends you a check on with a sweet title Apartments Rebate?

So yes it is no longer a fantasy, and it is no longer dream, nowadays when you rent an apartment in Texas and use an apartment locating company or a real estate company that promises cash back, apartment rebate, rent rebate, or any other term relating to you getting cash back when renting a new apartment.

The rebate system in itself is not a new concept. Residential realtors have been giving rebates and cash back when you buy a house for many years. Sometimes cash back will be giving informed of cash at closing and other times it would pay off some closing costs. Same concept was transported to the rental market. Apartments Rebate is giving to renters normally 30 to 60 days after their move in, when using a locating service enlisting the same with the rental communities and or landlord's as a referral source.

 Where does the money for the apartments rebates come from?

Apartment locators, real estate agents and rental agencies receive a referral fee from apartment complexes and private landlords when bringing qualified tenants that rent their properties. Such money comes out of the yearly advertising budgets that apartment complexes have to promote the apartments for rent. The rental price is never influenced by these facts. Apartments rebate is a new, easy and smart way to save money on rent or help you with the initial moving costs.

Like mentioned before, Apartments rebate is not a new concept but taken to the next level by a Texas real estate firm specializing in apartment rentals and not by chance named Apartments Rent Rebate Inc which has for her slogan: “You Rent We Pay” revolutionary and new money-saving opportunity.

Don't forget to claim your rebate after renting the apartment in making sure that the referral source (company name and agent named) are on all the paperwork required: Guest card and application. To conclude, Apartments rebate is a simple and easy way to get cash back - rent rebate when leasing a new apartment.

Apartment Fort Worth Information that’s Easy as One, Two and Three

 Apartment Fort Worth It used to be quite hard to try searching for specific local Apartment Forth worth information. Unless you are really from the local area and have a concrete idea of the residences in Fort Worth, useful and important details may be hard to find and come by. But thanks to the emergence of modern technological advancement like the internet, searching for apartment Fort Worth details is now as easy as one, two and three. One For a quick search on apartment Fort Worth online information, just open a website with search engine like Google and Yahoo and type on the search box the phrase Apartment Fort Worth. Make sure that your spelling is correct as you do not wish to have results that are not relevant. However, smart programs and algorithm of search popular and leading search websites would automatically detect any errors on spelling of the phrase Apartment Fort Worth and would suggest the correct one. Two After typing enter on your Apartment Fort Worth Information search, the website’s search engine program “crawls” or look up every possible hit on all available website databases worldwide regarding your specific search. In less than one second, there in front of you are the best, highest ranked search results for your search of Apartment Fort Worth Information. Now you can click on any of these search results and you will be forwarded to its website address or URL (Universal Resource Locator) address. Three Once you arrive at the newly opened website page for the Apartment Fort Worth Information search result, you will find right away vital information concerning your search. You will find links, relevant articles, guides and even photographs of Apartment Fort Worth that you are searching for. If incase you do not like what you found or the information is not sufficient, you can always revert to the old search results page where there are also other options and results that you can check for more information on your search for Apartment Fort Worth Information. The internet has been proven to be a great source for information on almost every possible topic and being able to utilize it for your advantage are both costs efficient and time saving. In our modern present time when information is accessible and free, being able to avail of such benefits like easy search for information on Apartment Fort Worth is valuable.

Townhouse Apartments: A Smart Option for City Living

townhouses apartments Townhouse apartments provide a smart option for students and business persons that are living in cities and uptown where the cost of living has skyrocketed over the recent years. A large percentage of townhouse homes are complete with amenities and numerous ready to rent townhouses apartments are also equipped with basic furnishing. Most of these townhouse apartments boast of special features like 24-hour security, cable television, broadband internet and value added services to attract and retain tenants. Some of the townhouse apartments have enough spacious rooms for a small to middle sized family. Moreover, townhouse apartments have been provided with special household facilities that would make the occupants feel comfortably at home. Resort-like amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and other in house leisure activity centers are also provided to the more classy types of apartment townhouses and are enjoyed by its tenants. There are also many notable townhouse apartments that are serviced by in house housekeeping or facility management that is experienced and efficient in handling the particular services for townhouse apartment’s occupants. The townhouse properties are home to many individuals mostly in the working class. They choose to live in the townhouse apartments as most of these apartment residences are within close proximity to business centers and districts as well as top schools in the area. You can also find a relatively high number of townhouse apartments in strategic areas where it is accessible to metro rail transportation, bus and airport terminals as well as a consistent flow available taxi cabs for hire. Flexibility is also a very important characteristic that townhouse apartments are proudly offering to its tenants since restrictions such as bringing in pets and numbers of allowed persons to live in units are not strictly imposed. Townhouse apartment’s distinction of being hip, classy but affordable town or city abode makes it very attractive to home seekers and investors alike. Majority of townhouse apartments that become available for new tenants do not stay long in the market’s available listings because there is a constant inflow of demand coming from all sectors of townhouse apartments seekers. These apartment hunters have significantly high preference for townhouse properties as compared to other types of modern metropolitan structures for dwellings because it provides almost everything that is needed in a quality home while continue to have cost for rental that is reasonably appropriate and suited with the current economic trends. Opting to choose townhouse apartments as your next home is sensible if you can identify the many advantages that it can bring you and your family. Always be smart in deciding on which unit to choose as not all townhouse apartments are the same but if you are able to distinguish the best fit for yourself and for the specific lifestyle that you possess then you can make the townhouse apartment the best home there is. .

Working with The Best Apartments Finder

apartments finderWorking with an effective apartments finder could be very helpful in your apartment search. Starting the tedious task of apartment hunting is quite difficult and likewise stressful so working with an apartments finder is a smart and wise idea.  
The apartments finder experience and dedication to serving their customers is something that is very valuable to someone who is new to apartment hunting. Excellent advices on price comparison, amenities and basic services that are unique to the different apartment complexes being offered by your apartments finder will truly make a significant and positive factor on your decision in choosing your next apartment.
Working cooperatively with your finder in the specific details of your apartment search will increase the chance of getting better results in your search. Having open communication with such apartments finder professionals give you an extra experienced opinion for the many factors that can be considered in your search.
Apartments finder are great, hardworking service professionals that have long been helping individuals on their apartment hunting needs. They are consistently updated with current trends and techniques in the market thereby making them a potent ally in your searches.
But of course not all apartments finder are perfect. From time to time it is possible to encounter some bad apples in the bunch who are not dedicated to their job, only wants to earn money from you, and never truly extend the help and quality assistance that has made this career a rewarding job for so many apartments finder professionals over the years.
If you happen to be dealing with someone like that or have suspicions that you may be, it’s better to check for some indicators such as inconsistent information and data, constant unavailability, charging of fees even before an actual apartments finder service is performed (as well as clear over charging of services) and many other obviously suspicious signs. When you see those signs, try to look and ask around for opinion from some individuals who have experience in apartments finder service.
Apartment hunting with the help of an effective, genuine and experienced apartments finder will most probably help you in your search for quality apartment homes and properties that will be your next home.